Thursday, 15 December 2016

Forgive and Forget

The Bureau says: A couple of stories today. The evidence of public support for the Tories, and the way that clear winners, however humble their background, find a home with them,   grows apace - but first a Xmas plea for tolerance, forgiveness  and good sense.
Forgive and forget. That should be the message to the journalists who have hounded Jeremy Corbyn for appointing Jayne Fisher, who worked as an aide for Gerry Adams and is known as an IRA sympathiser, to his office.
Look,  you can’t go on living in the past. Things have changed. Gerry Adams may have carried a revolver once but so have lots of people  and we doubt if he  has one in his waistband now. After all, there are plenty of people  whose past can look revolting, dishonest, wickedly sly,  even. And we've known, especially in the Blair years, a few absolute swine who made the most of that period and thrived, like maggots on  an open wound, in that era of deceit and lies. But no doubt they thought there was a lot at stake.
Yes, they stank like rotten fish marinated in  human pus - although we stress we're not talking about Jayne Fisher, who is described by  the  Bearded Elf as "lovely"  - and perhaps that filthy stench will never completely go away but as times change, so do our perceptions.
There  are some  who now probably regret having supported vile causes, public outrages, murderers and suspects and  we should give them time to come to terms with their horrible  pasts.  
For there will always be those who close their eyes to wickedness when it benefits them.  And there will always be public defenders, whether of  Stalin, Chavez or less exalted common criminals, people who lie, lie and lie again when paid well to do so. But times change and we must change with them.
Of course, if it turned out that M/S Fisher had actually aided criminals, if, for instance, a couple of her ex "pals" or even "family friends" were to be arrested and charged in 2017 for past kneecapping frolics, then that would rather change things.
Obviously it won't happen to M/S Fisher but if, hypothetically, some of the less savoury Displaced Persons from Blairland  were found, for example, to have taken hundreds of thousands of pounds from  contemptible criminals in order to protect them, then that would be different. Very different indeed. Then the law, and public disgust, should take its course.
In the meantime, however ugly, villainous or corrupted these people appear, however much their dishonesty is etched into their faces by their past actions, let us be tolerant this Xmas.


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