Monday, 5 December 2016

Whose last throw of the dice?

We don't write these days  about possible legal action against possible suspects because of the risk of prejudicing any future legal action. In this case, however, we make an exception - since Kate & Gerry McCann appear to be doing so themselves.
Nothing changes

The Latest Story 

This story was prepared and fed to the press solely by Kate and Gerry McCann and their "ex-employee" Clarence Mitchell. The McCanns authorised Mitchell to pretend to be a source within the investigation, with the condition attached that the papers carrying the story were not to name him as the true source. Mitchell  has no knowledge of any kind regarding recent operations of Grange.
Readers may wonder why the McCanns, who have countless times stated that they do not comment on Grange operations, should be providing misinformation about  an investigation dedicated to discovering the fate of their daughter.
One answer lies in the consistency of their "anonymous" media interventions: the message is always the same - Grange is always picking out absurd new "suspects", always running out of  money, always "throwing dice" or going for "last hopes", always failing to nail anyone, always failing to get co-operation from the Portuguese.  With such a record of chaos and failure their eventual conclusions are bound to be, surprise, surprise,  worthless. Just as the conclusions of the PJ were in 2007, when the same corny "last throw of the dice" stuff was used against them.* They're a very unlucky couple with  investigations into the fate of their daughter, aren't they?
Their greatest allies in this strategy are not the MSM but the net and twitter loonies who fall for this guff every time as proof that Grange is a "charade". But then they've  been ruthlessly  used by the couple for at least the last three years, the poor sods.  

 The "Details" 

Scotland Yard are now investigating as high priority a critical new lead: that Madeleine McCann was abducted by a gang of people traffickers.
No, they are not. The claim is an invention by the McCanns' media team.     
Senior  Whitehall officials have been briefed about it  by the    police because it is so important.
No, they have not. That is an invention by the McCanns' media team.
As a result extra funding has been granted for more months of investigation.
No, it has not. No extra funding whatever has been granted. The funding remains the £95 000 granted earlier this year, which runs until April 2017. It is an invention of the McCanns' media team.  
The Metropolitan Police are calling this the "last throw of the dice".
No, they are not. No such comment has been made by any officer of the Yard. It is an invention of Kate and Gerry McCann's media team.
The Portuguese police have said that both they and the British are focusing on this "latest theory".
No, they have not. No Portuguese police officer has made such a statement, either on or off the record, as any reader can see for themselves. It is an invention of the McCanns' media team.

* "With the investigation apparently fizzling out it could have been one last throw of the dice for the habitually eccentric Portuguese police operation." Belfast Telegraph 2007. Courtesy of BB/MCF

Poor Old Useless Grange

In 2014 the Bureau, without making a fuss about it, revealed how Grange had located the inside source of a number of leaks about Grange "difficulties" and "problems" being used in Mitchell-placed stories.   How did they find it? Using the intelligence services technique of constructing a fictional report,  tracking where it surfaced and then tracing it, irrefutably,  back to the offender - in Portugal. Where the McCanns PR people Lift Consulting are based. The leaks ended.

It would be very foolish for Mitchell to believe that Grange stopped doing things like that back in 2014.