Sunday, 6 August 2017

Does Lightning Really Strike Twice?

Ribeiro - he's the one laughing now

The Bureau has written before that the disappearance of Madeleine McCann is a  simpler story than it appears. The head of the PJ, Ribeiro, knew that as early as August 2007 and specifically stated that he did not need any further resources to widen the inquiry. He needed the answers to just two or three key questions, none of them involving outside forces. He never got them and the void has been filled by people’s imaginations.


1) Established and agreed fact 1: In 2007 an event occurred with such dangerous and life-changing consequences that Kate and Gerry McCann immediately decided they could not face them.
2) Established and agreed fact 2 In the limited time available to form an emergency plan the couple decided that at all costs they must keep the event secret.
3) Established and agreed fact 3To cover their tracks they decided to construct an imaginary scenario – a “fairy story” – that would mask what had really happened.
4) Established and agreed fact 4:They would not just lie but would actively feed this “fairy story” to an assembled media pack. Needless to say this took iron self-control and a rare ability to publicly dissimulate to – literally – a world audience.  
5) Established and agreed fact 5: To reinforce the lies told to the public via the MSM journalists Gerry McCann fed further details of false information via  another source to the public.
6) Established and agreed fact 6: Certain members of the family, who knew that the McCanns had not told the whole truth remained silent.

Sources: Kate & Gerry McCann

Kate McCann  has made a full confession  to doing these things since the archiving of the investigation.  Gerry McCann has never admitted his proven lies to this day. The family members who knew that the couple had not told the truth and were deceiving the British public have also remained silent up to now about their knowledge.
These events and actions  exactly match the claims made by Goncalo Amaral on behalf of the investigation and accepted as a valid interpretation  by the Portuguese Appeal Court in 2010.
And when did these events take place?
No, not then.  August 2 2007. The phrase “a repeated and identifiable pattern of behaviour” comes to mind.

Detailed proof of  the established and agreed facts 1-6

1) “An event occurred…” The PJ informed the McCanns that they would be coming; clothes and possessions were seized for forensic analysis and other examination; the couple were not allowed to be present during the search. [Source: Kate McCann's own words in Madeleine]
“Devastating consequences…” [Source: the same]  “Can you imagine what would have happened if we’d announced to the journalists heading for Huelva that the police were coming to do some forensic work in our villa?” No, I can’t. We don’t know what KM imagined would happen because she won’t tell us. As in the famous exercise in lying about the “police deal” on  September 6, [source: KM in Madeleine] she falls back on rhetoric to smother the facts.
2) “In the limited time available…” : [Source: the same]: “We’d never lied about anything…But now we found ourselves in one of those tricky [tricky!]  situations where we just didn’t seem to have a choice”. She does not elaborate on why they had no choice. The phraseology suggests that she was familiar with situations where a lie was the only choice: had they happened recently?  
3) “They agreed a plan…” [Sources KM in Madeleine and GM internet blog] The police raid would be completely covered up with lies, not simply denied.  GM: August 2: “Today was a bit of a write off for me as I was laid low with a probable viral illness which meant I could not stray too far from the house!” Of course he did stray far from the house for many hours. The exclamation mark indicates a further embroidering of the story – that he had to stay near the house because of diarrhoea.
4) “Actively feed…”  [Source KM in Madeleine]“…which we used as an excuse”. KM converts the bare-faced lying into “an excuse”. It remains a bare-faced cover-up lie.
5) “To reinforce the lies…” [Source GM on his internet blog] August 2 above, “feeling a bit better tonight so hopefully be back to normal tomorrow” and August 3, “We were meant to go yesterday but had to cancel because I was ill.”
6) “Certain members of the family…” [Source KM in Madeleine]: “My mum, dad, Brian and Janet set off for the town to get out of the way before the police arrived.” So those four were present, knew that the police were coming and left the house and therefore knew that what the couple told the media pack and the British public was untrue. They have never admitted their covering up for the pair.   
Referring to Note 3 above, readers will remember that Mr and Mrs Healy were the two chief family members who on September 8 claimed that a coercive deal had been offered by the PJ, with Mr Healy claiming that the couple were being “fitted-up”. [Source KM in Madeleine] Our American readers should note that this phrase is slang used by the UK criminal classes and their associates for being “framed” by the police.
As we know, [Source KM in Madeleine] these were not spontaneous comments but media interviews requested by their daughter: “For a good couple of hours we were on the phone, calling family and friends to make them aware of the situation and to give them the green light to voice their outrage and despair if they wanted to.”
Note, once more, that the parents  had not told anybody about the August 2 cover-up lies. What else do you think they might have withheld from the public? On what other occasions might they have made false claims about the PJ?  Can you think of any?
Finally, the PJ were, of course, monitoring the McCanns’ media statements by August. That meant that they knew that, while Gerry McCann may well have had the shits, it wasn’t a "virus" that caused them but something much more threatening in the long term.
They knew that then, they know it now and so do Scotland Yard. That is the only reason why Kate McCann made her confession in 2011, albeit in her usual weasel-worded and deceptive way: the public would find out the truth from the PJ anyway.  
I mean, just look at it. Just look at it! Where's the mystery? Apart from the key questions of where the body is and how it got there, there isn't any mystery, is there? It's all laid out in a repeated pattern of behaviour.
 Kate & Gerry McCann, 10 years after a "tricky situation"